Solar Power Services

The Solar Expert offers a range of solar power services to help you get exactly what you are after in the field of solar power. If you are interested in getting solar power for your home, business or as an investment then we have a service which you can benefit from.

What Solar Power Services Do We Offer?

Some of our solar power services at The Solar Expert include the following:

Our aim is to provide every solar power service under the sun, with a smile.

Solar Brokering

solar broker serviceWe can get you a better deal on your solar power system than anyone else – guaranteed. Because of our extensive industry relationships, we can do all the research and negotiating for you, taking the hassle out of buying a solar power system. You just let us know what type of panels and inverter you want and we do the rest! It’s that simple. Or, if you’re not sure what you’re after but you have a budget in mind, we can do the decision making for you too.

Solar Design

solar design servicesWe can do any and all of the following: grid-connected solar power system design, hybrid solar power system design, off-grid solar design and even solar farms.

With thorough industry experience in all of the above, we are the best option to choose when looking for expert solar power services. Don’t go past The Solar Expert for anything related to solar photovoltaic design. Check out our solar design services here.


solar consultingWe do work as engineering consultants in the renewable energy industry and particularly on projects which involve solar power.

We are always happy to provide independent consulting services to give you professional and unbiased advice you can trust. Check out our solar power consulting services here.


Efficiency Audits

energy efficiency auditsHow efficient is your home or business? The Solar Expert can do a full electrical audit on your premises to establish where potentially lucrative savings can be made – and it’s not just solar power services we look at to subsidise your electricity costs, we will look at all efficiency measures that you could potentially take to save money. More about our efficiency audit services here.